Life After Birth

Life after birth can be a journey of renewed self-discovery and identification for new moms. To help answer some of your questions careers, education, and self-improvement here are some resources I’ve found to be valuable:

Career Resources:
Indeed (Job Search Engine for part-time or full-time jobs)

– Google (it has answers to everything, doesn’t it?)
Moms Share Secrets to Success in Online Classes (just in case you’re thinking about career options that you can pursue from home)
Online Master’s in School Counseling (just in case you want to take action on the above and start pursuing a degree in school counseling. If not, there are plenty of other options for online counseling programs and resources to explore)

– Private Preschool in Laguna Niguel – McDowell School


Myers-Briggs Personality Test
Man’s Search For Meaning book by Viktor Frankl (Great read!)

Have any more resources to add? I’m all ears!